fact :: you probs don't need an ops manager

ALSO FACT :: your spide-y sense is bang-on though. you totally do need some help getting your shit together 💩

Look – #realtalk here – but putting someone on payroll seldom works out to be the Fairy Godmother, silver bullet solution creative bosses hope it will be. 
The truth is that you can’t bibbidi-bobbidi-boo your chaos away by dumping it on someone else. (I know, bummer, right?!)

Bring some ORDER TO YOUR OPS, establish the systems to help you GAIN MOMENTUM, and finally TAP INTO THAT GROWTH you’ve been WORKING SO DAMNED HARD to achieve!


this my 1:1 service to help you de-clutter your path to those income goals you've been too effing busy "maintaining the status quo" to actually hit

(Minus all the work it takes to do it all and figure it all out yourself!)

This isn’t about creating new offers or adding to your To Do list.
It’s about MAKING THE THINGS YOU’RE ALREADY DOING AND YOU’VE ALREADY CREATED WORK BETTER FOR YOU through systemizing and optimizing what you already have on-the-go.

You’ve already done all the hard work, boss.
Let’s start compounding and leveraging their results!


We’ll spend 3 months meeting every two weeks for one hour as we work through my signature OMG framework designed to bring Order, Momentum and Growth to your day-to-day operations


  • Bring crystal-clarity to the offers and packages that grow your reach and get you paid
  • Map out your operations and marketing stack, and make damned sure it's all serving you
  • Get you insanely results-oriented as to where you're investing your marketing and promotional efforts
  • Gain mad-insights over where your time, workload and energy is going and seeing what the return on it all is... in dollars and leads!


  • Establish data-driven reporting that makes you downright clairvoyant about which specific strategies and efforts will move the needle forward - faster! - for you
  • Set up campaigns you can stalk like they owe you money... because yeah they do and tracking them is how your next campaign results become your next personal-best
  • Design an on-site strategy to make the most of your current site traffic that isn't yet converting


  • Get Growth-Mapping - complete with Objectives, Key Results and Performance Indicators you can (and will!) track like you have a GPS (which you will!)
  • Integrate self-driven accountability that keeps you on-track and aligned to the growth goals and targets that you set
  • Brainstorm strategies you can adopt to inform your next growth spurt and further improve your conversion rates and bottom line

We both know you don’t want someone telling you how to run your show, boss!
I mean, the whole reason you’re the boss is to AVOID having someone else telling you how to do the voodoo that you do. (Shoop!)

Whether or not you decide to eventually hire that role out, these are the foundations to put him in charge of your path.
You will get so much more out of onboarding someone (and save a yacht-load of money in the process!) by showing up with a roadmap for how you’re operating and how YOU want things to be done – which *ahem* is YOUR way (and not someone else’s!), amirite?

This is for you if...

  • You have a lot of balls in the air and you know that to do more, you need SYSTEMS THAT WILL SUSTAIN WHAT YOU'VE CREATED... but you aren't entirely sure how that works or what that looks like;
  • You've CONSIDERED ONBOARDING AN OPS MANAGER OR INTEGRATOR to get your ish in order but - holy anxiety! - you don't want that recurring role in your biz yet and you sure as sugar AREN'T READY TO GIVE UP TOTAL CONTROL of running your business over to someone else either;
  • You have that SELF-DRIVEN, GET-UP-AND-GO energy down pat... but you're SO BUSY TRYING TO MAINTAIN that you're not able to get the momentum you'll need to fuel the growth you're after.
  • You've said to yourself "I NEED TO GET MY SHIT TOGETHER!" multiple times this week.

This is not for you if...

  • You don't already MAKE SALES FROM YOUR OFFERS and you aren't GETTING SOME TRAFFIC from your current marketing efforts - this is about improving what you already have in place and creating the systems that will enable you to better focus on growing what you've already put so much into;
  • You want a "Jesus take the wheel" approach to optimizing your biz - while I'll be in the driver's seat getting us to the destination, you're still going to have to help navigate this road trip so THE CONTEXT AND ASSISTANCE YOU PROVIDE WILL BE A HUGE FACTOR OF YOUR SUCCESS;
  • You aren't DEDICATED TO PUTTING IN THE TIME AND EFFORT to making your growth a priority.

(or $849 x 5 payments)

Unlike your growth, my spots are limited



I’m a total freak in the spreadsheets and my jam is to help creative entrepreneurs like you get downright clairvoyant about their biz future.

I’m one of those weirdos who loooooves data – I never met a conversion rate I didn’t want to optimize! – and I’m a total strategist when it comes to helping you focus on the things that will get you to where you’re going… only with me, you’ll get there faster than you would on your own!

My belief is that most online bosses don’t actually need an ops manager or an integrator on payroll. But there’s a ton of benefit with occasionally bringing a systems and ops nerd like myself into your biz who can laser focus into your processes, your data and what kind of story that says about your next best course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

We meet for 1 hour every 2 weeks and especially in the beginning, you should expect to search for and provide a lot of required information. Be prepared to invest an additional 1-2 hours per week of either your time or a VA’s time as we get started, but you can also expect that time to drop to half as we move forward. Anything related to fixing or updating things on your end (i.e. broken links, installing pixels, etc.) will be your responsibility. Note that if you are working with a VA, I will work with you to make these items as “outsource-able” as possible. Anything related to getting you data-driven (i.e. performing your analytics audit, creating KPI reports, etc.) will be my responsibility.
Totally possible! We can have weekly meetings instead of bi-monthly but keep in mind that there is a time commitment for you to deliver as well. That means if you should expect to put in 1-2 hours/week when we would meet every two weeks, you should be prepared to invest 2-4 hours a week (with a little extra time required in the beginning as well). Furthermore, the same rules apply to cancellations and project delays.
I suggest we use Airtable to track our deadlines, deliverables, and status. (If you’re not familiar with Airtable, you’ll see why this is the best platform for us to use and I’ll guide you through the entire set-up. However, if you prefer we use another platform, we can do that, too.) You’ll always be able to see what I’m working on, what I need from you, what has been done and what is coming up. I never leave you hanging! Plus, you’ll have access to me throughout the process via email.
Welcome to the wonderful world of entrepreneurship, where your duty and desire to optimize what you’ve built will never be done! Think of {OMGrowth!} as your foundations for Order, Momentum and Growth; once those foundations are in place, we will have time dedicated in Month 3 to assess how you will keep your momentum building once our time together is complete, with whatever strategy or element you want to talk about optimizing next.
Because I’m scheduling other clients based on the agreement that we will be working through the OMG Framework in 3 months, we have 7 dedicated meetings to schedule over 13 weeks.
Should you cancel one of your meetings, you are essentially giving up two week’s worth of deliverables. I wasn’t one to cram in university and I’m not about to start now when it comes to delivering your work. 😉
Meanwhile, the flip side is true as well :: if we make mad progress, there’s a chance that we can fit extra growth-mapping strategies into our time together. This is a collaborative effort and you will get back what you put into this. You are expected to show up for yourself as much as I am ready to show up for you.
Things come up. I get that. You get a Community Chest Card where you can reschedule one of our meetings within 48 hour timeframe. But you only get one and our time together will still only last for 13 weeks so schedule – and reschedule! – wisely.
My next availability is listed on the very first question of the application form.

After your application is submitted and you have confirmed that you qualify for {OMGrowth!}, you’ll be redirected to book a 30-minute consultation call where we will confirm we’re a “right fit”.
Once that’s agreed upon, you’ll receive an invoice, followed by access to your project dashboard where you or your VA will start providing me with the information I need to get our time together started.
TL;DR :: We meet, we greet, we hit the ground running.

Let’s go back to the beginning because this is really important: “Hiring someone to handle the chaos of your day-to-day won’t be the silver bullet you’re hoping it’ll be and you need to get some foundations in place first.” FURREAL!
While working together long-term is a possibility, it all starts with this exact framework. Since my monthly retainer starts at $1,500/month, it actually makes more financial and results-based sense for you to start by putting in place the foundations packaged with {OMGrowth!}.
Once your house is in order, THEN you’re in a position to be growing your team… whether that’s with me or someone else. But I have this weird ethical thing where I won’t just take your money knowing that you’re building your empire on a rocky foundation.

(or $849 x 5 payments)

Unlike your growth, my spots are limited