There’s this weird trend going on where we’re being told that if only we could get right with our mindset, everything will magically fall into place.

Anytime somebody is talking about what needs to get right about my mind, I get suspicious. I mean, what is “mindset” anyways? It sounds shady AF!

Well, it turns out that “mindset” is just the sandalwood-scented, woo-woo buzz word we’re using these days to say “get out of your own damned way, boss!”

I explain more about mindset, how it is showing up for you and where it is having an impact on your creative biz. Because we all have enough obstacles without being the most difficult one we have to overcome, gnome saying?


I get it. The flying unicorn is adorable. Your bullet-journal is a creative outlet. You love making cute backgrounds for your boards. Seriously, I do get it.

And I agree, those methods of task-management are all totally legit methods of keeping track of your To Do list.

But here’s the tough love truth :: as a creative boss, your job isn’t ONLY to do #allthethings. You’re also responsible for making sure that everything you DO is strategically designed to give you the business you want to HAVE and be the person you want to BE. #nobiggie This means it’s up to YOU to make sure you’re on-course for the targets, the profits, the losses, the growth and tracking, well, all of it!
(Unless you don’t want growth, in which case – #2 in this post will be especially relevant to you.)

When your day-to-day operations feel like a total shit-show, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS SAYS IT MEANS YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU OPERATE. The cute To Do list approach doesn’t cut it when you have milestones and multiple projects and goals to account for.

And yet, being a solopreneur means YOU still have to get the work done, too. So how’s a busy boss supposed to balance the role of employee and boss, all at once? Like this ::

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Look, I know your Facebook Newsfeed is filled with ads trying to convince you otherwise, but you don’t have to scale, aight?
(#PROTIP :: quit clicking on them and they’ll quit showing up!… eventually, anyways.)

I’m as guilty as the next person for using the buzz-word du jour but listen, you don’t have to scale. You don’t have to buy into the idea that you constantly have to be growing to be “real” business owner. You don’t even have to want it! It is a totally legit goal for you to have a roster of clients that you consistently serve and show up for. It’s called FREELANCING and these heroes make the biz world go around.

So when you get booked out and think, “well, I guess this means I need to turn myself into an agency”… but you say it begrudgingly? DON’T!

When you have an offer that sells out to your wait list, and you’re told you’re leaving money on table and wasting opportunities?… GOOD FOR YOU!

When you’re satisfied with the income you get from that one product and you’re turned off from the whole sales funnel approach to 10x your profits… SWEET!

It’s one thing to hire an expert for a strategy you want to implement. However, the most boss thing you can do is to have, do and be whatever the hell you wanna! Because, yes, the sexy offers sound great but they also require on-going time, energy and focus from you. Meanwhile, you can keep that time, energy and focus to do whatever non-biz-related you wanna do!

Don’t feel like you need to buy into someone else’s Eiffel Tower photoshoot.*
*balloons and Kate Spade dress sold separately


I squish my face at this one because I know something about the person who says this. If I gave 4 extra hours per day to this person, they would fill it with more work and say 28 hours wasn’t enough.

Important to note here that this person isn’t filling that time with whatever they got into business to do in the first place! They’re not going on any non-business trips, they aren’t spending more time with their family, they’re not using the time to take up pottery – they’re filling the extra time with more work. ALWAYS!

There is plenty of time in the day. You simply are doing a shit job at prioritizing. Not to sound like a broken record, but I’m going to bring this back to how you’re operating :: if you’re not able to prioritize, it means your project management skills have room for improvement.

Not to make matters worse here – but I will! – if you’re wasting a lot of time, I guarantee you’re wasting other valuable resources, too. Like your brain space and energy! For instance, one of the biggest areas in which we as creative entrepreneurs invest in is our content. And yet, is yours created in a strategic way that always either gets you paid or grows your list?

The fact is that you have exactly as many resources as anybody else. The trick is to be strategic in the way you position yourself to use them. Put the systems in place for your business to work and perform as hard as you do.


That’s adorable. M’kay but #realtalk time – I’m willing to nod my head with you when you say you haven’t found a system that works for you yet. But that’s like saying you can’t find a pair of pants that fits well :: honey, you can’t go out in the nude so you gotta keep shopping til you find the right fit!

My bias for Airtable isn’t a national secret or anything but when it comes to viewing information – YOUR WAY! – I don’t know of a platform that beats it.

Yes, Airtable has spreadsheets. But it also offers Kanban views for the bosses who live in a Post-It Note world; it has Gallery views for the visual artists out there; it has Calendar views for the deadline-oriented peeps; and you can use its Form views to capture all the data and information you need in a snap.

If scaling IS on your radar, the diverse learning and working styles of your team can always be accommodated because the data and workload is always represented in the personalized way each person wants to see it.

Structure is necessary. Systems are necessary. Processes are necessary. These do not hinder creativity but to the contrary, they set boundaries around the “status quo” work to allow more room for the creative energy to flow. (Don’t believe me? How creative are you feeling when you’ve missed 2 deadlines and you realize that the one project you’ve been working on isn’t even getting you paid?… that’s what I thought!)

Whether or not you’re aware of where your mindset issues stem from, they almost always show up as self-imposed road blocks. That’s the beauty of putting systems in place :: the right processes should make it harder for any of your doubts or shortcomings to have an influence. Your bottom line doesn’t have to ask your feelings for permission. Your growth – both personal and professional – isn’t dependent on how many hours you hustled this week. All you have to do is decide what success looks like for you, implement the systems that will guide you there and make a ride-or-die commitment to the way that you say you want to operate.