You put so much time and energy into growing your lead generation. Then, you invest a whole lotta love into crafting the perfect message to email them.

I also know that some of the scariest words I can present to a creative boss are “know your numbers”. But the truth is that 80% (or more!) of anything you could ever want or need to know about your numbers comes down to tracking just two things :: the sales you’re making and the new leads you’re generating.

Furthermore, you can tell Google Analytics that you want these two specific outcomes tracked. Then, when you’re looking at your numbers, you can literally visualize how all of those moving pieces you’re account for are actually impacting those two goals.

In this post, I’ll walk you through not only the set-up but we’ll also take the fear out of knowing your numbers.


When you turn a visitor into a client or a lead, you are taking them on a journey with a destination. A visitor turns into a client after they’ve visited the “thank you for your purchase” page. Meanwhile, a new lead has been added to your list when they’ve hit the “thanks for signing up/check your inbox” page.

Since we are setting 2 Goals – 1 for sales made and 1 for leads generated – we’re going to need the URL that represents each of those pages.“But Lanie!”, you may say. “What if I have more than one product for sale? What if I have more than one freebie to sign-up for?” I’ve got you, boss!


Regardless of whether you have 1 or 100 products to buy and/or sign-up for, the key to making this work is to adopt a consistent naming convention.

Let’s say when someone buys Product A, they end up on You want to make sure that when you create Product B, your thank you page is then located at The common denominator here is that /thank-you that you always use to identify a post-purchase thank you page.

This doesn’t have to be /thank-you either. It can be anything, like /purchased or /thanks or /checkout – WHAT you use matters less than making sure that you use the naming convention consistently.

The same goes for your free offers. These are typically provided as a means to grow your email list and continue building a relationship with this new contact. The same rule applies here as for paid products whereby you will need to adopt a consistent naming convention for your post-sign-up URL.

Let’s say Freebie A redirects new subscribers to a page that says “Head over to your inbox because Freebie A is on its way!” This page will have a URL like Again, it doesn’t have to be /subscribed but it does have to be a word that use consistently when someone signs up to your list. It also has to be a different word than what you use to identify people who purchased.


#PROTIP to set these Goals up ASAP. Why? Because they don’t track retroactively. This means that your Goals will only be tracked and its data will only be available for analysis AFTER you’ve set them. Since these will allow you to tap into 80% or more of everything you’re trying to accomplish in your biz, I’d make setting these up PRONTO a priority!

To set your Goals, you’re going to ::

  • Login to Google Analytics and access the ADMIN panel located at the bottom left corner;
  • Go to the far right menu and select GOALS (3rd from the top);
  • Click the red + NEW GOAL button;
  • In GOAL SETUP 1, scroll down to select CUSTOM and hit the blue CONTINUE button;
  • Next in GOAL DESCRIPTION 2, you’ll name your goal (something like “Purchase completed” or “Sale made”), select DESTINATION and click the blue CONTINUE button;
  • Finally in GOAL DETAILS 3, you’ll choose BEGINS WITH from the drop-down menu and insert your naming convention using the slash (i.e. /thank-you)
  • Before hitting the blue SAVE button, click Verify This Goal to make sure you set it up properly.


I personally got started GlockApps to run my tests and get my scores. However, there are a bunch of other services you could use, each with their own unique approaches, including ::

  • Reputation Authority
  • Barracuda Central
  • TrustedSource

These tools will give you an overall score that accounts for all internet service providers (or ISPs). For instance, popular options among North Americans are included such as or or; but these services also assess your performance on European-based ISPs like or Brazilian-based ones like


Moving forward with your Goals in place, you’re going to see how everything about your online presence is impacting 1) how you’re making sales and 2) how you’re generating leads.Because – insert your sigh of relief here you don’t need to read or understand everything Google Analytics can tell you. Not all of it matters! What’s more is that 80% or more of what does matter happens in direct relation to the two Goals you set… so what do you say we focus on THOSE!


Being a creative boss means you process information differently. Seeing and experiencing your results and outcomes impacts you more than a super-sophisticated table or a spreadsheet. That’s where my Data Studio reports swoops in to save the day.

Data Studio is Google’s (free!) dashboard and reporting platform designed to make your data easier to experience and customize. The one-page report I’ve created using Data Studio is designed to inspire light-bulb moments and OMG insights. Instead of looking at data, you’ll be looking at the trends and patterns as they’re occuring. This makes it a no-brainer for you to easily identify what’s working for you to double-down on, what you need to ditch like yesterday, and what may be interesting to further look into or explore.

Because here’s a little secret :: there isn’t a marketing guru alive who can tell you more about what gets you paid and what grows your list like your own audience’s behaviours and trends can! This is where we take the scary out of “knowing your numbers” and replace that with actionable strategies you feel excited about pursuing.


To get verified, you’ll need to login to both the Google Postmaster as well as your web host (i.e. GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.). You’ll authenticate your domain using the DKIM provided by the Postmaster. This will essentially label your emails for Google and allow your traffic to be analyzed.

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