I'M LANIE LAMARRE (pronounced lay-nee)

🔮 The TL;DR about me is that I help creative bosses get clairvoyant about their biz future. 

Sounds exciting, right? And it is! …mostly.

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Everyone loves the sexy end results that my work produces :: GOALS you actually hit (instead of moving them into next quarter), CONVERSION RATES we optimized (instead of trying to throw ad money at the problem), ENDING THE CHAOS of the never-ending To Do lists (through more “boss” project management and planning strategies), REVENUE TRENDS you were able to capitalize on by doubling-down on what worked (instead of spinning your wheels on what didn’t while squandering a whole lot of time, energy and focus in the process.)

“So what’s up with ‘mostly’, then, Lanie?”

Welp! The PATH to achieving those sexy results is less glamorous.
And most mover-and-shaker types are too busy moving-and-shaking to be able put the RIGHT SYSTEMS, STRATEGIES AND DATA-COLLECTION  in place to capitalize on these kinds of growth tactics.
(P.S. I totally caught you yawning as soon as I said “systems”.)

Look :: I “get” the mover-and-shaker type.
Getting bosses like you excited your strategies and numbers? That’s kinda-totally my superpower.
But first, there are a few things we need to clear the air about ::

I call BULLSHIT on bosses who say “I’m not a numbers person” as an excuse to ignore their data.
Giiiirl, I KNOW you care about increasing your revenue. I know you could tell me like SNAP! how many email subscribers you have. And I know you’ve written down some version of “more social media followers” in your goals.

⬆️ These are numbers, boss! ⬆️
You’re a numbers person if ever I met one!

You just haven’t had someone show and talk to you about analytics in a way that your CREATIVE GENIUS can feel EXCITED and MOTIVATED and driven by.

I’m dropping some awesome sauce resources to do exactly that this Fall 2019.
Wanna be the first to know?

Let’s see. What else can we call BULLSHIT on today? Ooh! I know! I call BULLSHIT on crying in the shower out of overwhelm. Ugh. The worst. Especially when – boss! – your day-to-day doesn’t have to FEEL so flipping chaotic.

I spent years helping service-based bosses streamline their client on-boarding and internal operations only to realize… I wasn’t actually helping those bosses. There would always be something to invite a new brand of chaos into their routines.

It isn’t because you aren’t working hard enough. (You totally are. Too hard, even!)
It isn’t because you aren’t talented enough. (You’re brimming with it!)
And it isn’t because you aren’t cut out for this. (You totally are!)
Instead, it has EVERYTHING to do with HOW you’re planning your big vision like a boss but you’re planning your workload like an employee… and there’s a serious disconnect in your day-to-day as to how the two work together.

I reframe that mindset by showing you a better project management systems with {AIRTABLE LIKE A BOSS}.
Want a sample my done-for-you workflow base and a quick-and-dirty tutorial where I show you how to get intentional about publishing content that always – always! – either gets you paid or grows your list?
(Like, EVERY! time, yo!)

And as a final BULLSHIT shout-out – and this is an unpopular opinion but it needs to be said ::

I call BULLSHIT on this idea that to be successful, we all need to have an integrator or ops manager on payroll.
(I may regret saying this seeing as that’s kinda my job description but it’s the truth!)
What most visionary creatives ACTUALLY need?… is to get their shit together.

You don’t want someone swooping in, telling you how you “should” be running things!
You got into this biz shiz to AVOID having people tell you what to do, amirite?

While the idea of on-boarding a Fairy Godmother who can bibbidi-bobbidi-boo your woes away is indeed attractive,
you’re light-years better off when decide how to operate – YOUR way! – and you know what the numbers say for YOU to be making data-driven decisions that push your progress forward.



1. I will always give side-shade to that one person who puts Journey on the jukebox.

2. I don’t commit to any plans until mid-April, when the New Orleans Saints schedule gets published… then I can plan the rest of my life accordingly. #whodat

3. I’m a Sagittarius, an INTJ and an Enneagram 5… so yes, I do have something big and exciting on my mind right now and it likely is being planned in a spreadsheet. Thanks for asking!

4. Rock biopics are my spirit animal.

5. I once manifested Dave Grohl. #truestory

6. Pleather leggings ARE pants, aight? Oh, and I’d rather be besties with Rihanna than Beyonce. Come at me, brah.

7. I’m mostly plant-based… but I can’t quit steak tartare like most people say they couldn’t give up chocolate. Which I would could give up like SNAP because I have no sweet teeth in my face.

8. I’m working through one of those the scratch-it-off posters for the 100 Greatest Novels of the Century – but I mostly prefer modernist fiction.

9. Nine is my favorite number.

Lanie’s content is awesome, her easy-to-follow tutorials have helped me so much!

Kate Doster, Inbox Besties

Lanie helped me customize Airtable to view what was going on in my business exactly the way I wanted to see it.

Meg Casebolt, @megaboltdigital

I literally teared up! I’ve never felt more clear in my business. Absolute magic. THANK YOU, Lanie!

Tay Marie Voorhis, Gloaming.co

Holy hell woman! I’m 10 minutes into AIRTABLE LIKE A BOSS and I’M ALREADY OBSESSED! You, my dear, are a genius.

Brit Kolo, @marketingpersonalities

Your ish literally saved me from a breakdown lol I was so exhausted and BOOM… you saved the day. Forreal…

Allison J, chicjae

Lanie is gifted at helping you free your time with systems and workflows. I can do more of what I love now!

Holly McCaig, @hollyletters

Lanie is a workflow goddess.

Allie Bittner, @kisscreativeco

Lanie put my crazy unorganized mind at ease [and] highlighted areas I didn’t even know I wanted to focus on!

Zoe Lacey, The Golden Letter

Taking your class was such a mind opener! I can do so much more than I ever thought possible.

Nicole Lee

The 1:1 time I spent with Lanie was so helpful. Plus, she’s awesome! I’m so happy and on-point.

Cami Farey, @camille_farey

The brilliant simplicity of seeing everything in my business laid out the way you show it is SO helpful!

Heather, Smitten Italy Co.

When I get stuck, I usually think “Lanie knows how to fix this!” She makes the hard stuff feel easy.

Candace Armstrong, candacehebert.com

{AIRTABLE LIKE A BOSS} is awesome. Get it, people!

Maggie Patterson, @smallbusinessboss

Lanie is the King AND Queen of Airtable.

Rachael Kay Albers, @rkaink

I LOVE Lanie’s Airtable training! It really helped me visualize the possibilities of the platform.

Jordan Gill, @systemssavedme

I’ve NEVER had this much organization. MIND BLOWN!

Andréa Jones, @onlinedrea




The freelancer’s guide to using AIRTABLE
to set GOALS you’ll actually ACHIEVE,
stay ACCOUNTABLE to the TARGETS you set and
MANAGE your workload… LIKE A BOSS
(instead of the checklist employee-of-the-month mindset you’ve been rolling with)