You’ve asked the nice people in your Facebook Groups for help.
(Is there such a thing as too much feedback? Because you got it!)
You’ve combed through Pinterest + YouTube trying to find answers.
(The info you found was more basic than a college girl with Uggs.)
You somehow now know less about WTF to do about your boss problems than when you started asking for help.
(It’s OK. Half of us don’t even pull it together enough to get dressed in the morning so all hope isn’t lost! Yet.)

Figuring out the right choice of software,
then learning the technology it uses,
to finally piece-meal it into your existing goals + strategy…

Only to find that you’ve wasted all this MF time
on a system that doesn’t actually do what you want it to.
You've had enough of this BS + you’re ready to just take your biz and…

You don’t feel like a boss. At all! You feel like your service-based business is a total clusterf*ck.

That’s why I offer a 1:1 session to deal with this.
It's called - wait for it! - it's called

(Get it? Because that's what happens to you + your biz!)
(P.S. Don't set anything on fire. I can't fix fire.)

Maybe it’s the emails + the phone calls that are left unanswered so damned long that (angry!) leads + clients get back to you before you ever get a chance to deal with them – you want someone who knows how to implement the kind of systems that will get you on top of that ish!

Perhaps your business has grown (yay!) but the way you work hasn’t rolled with its punches (eek!) + you just don’t have the time or energy to figure out what that “BETTER WAY” is to get you finally feeling proud + good about what you’ve accomplished instead of overwhelmed AF – you want someone to swoop in with a biz-sized tape measure to assess how you can get back to feeling like you’re a perfect fit in your business again.

It could even be that your accounts are a holy-effing-disaster + you gotta check yourself before you completely wreck yourself along with all of the things YOU'VE WORKED SO DAMNED HARD TO ACCOMPLISH in your business – you just need a little cheerleading + a whole lot of strategy to make that migraine of yours a thing of your past.

Whatever it is that is causing that heavy ball of tension sitting right behind your chest plate? I’ve got you, boss!

And who am I to help you get {UNCLUSTERF*CKED}?

I’m Lanie (pronounced Lay-nee) Lamarre.
And this systems stuff? It's totally the peanut butter to my jam!

You remember that nerdy girl in school you used to copy all the answers from? 🙌 Guilty!
And I still have all the answers except now, I mean business. YOUR business!
You have enough to do just being you. I’m here to take care of all the BS keeping you hella-stressed.


Availability is limited.
Because my time is limited. P.S. So is yours.
So let’s make this count


So how does this work exactly?
Well, it’s all about you, me + strategy, baby!

You click the booking link. Fill in the questionnaire.
Then it's my turn to send you everything you need to secure your spot + schedule our meeting.
You make a deposit + select a time that works best for you.
And BOOM! we're giggles-deep into 45 minutes of pure strategic bliss via video-chat. Ahhhhhh!!!

I have more tips, tricks + treats to share than the rich lady down the road with the full chocolate bars.
And I know it feels hopeless but I have more solutions for the sources of your overwhelm than you even thought possible.

Because remember when you used to wake up feeling excited about what was next in your business? Yeah, that’s possible, too!

So is the idea that you don’t have to work so damned hard.

Or that you don’t have to be so flipping snappy at your loved ones all the time. (I know you didn’t mean what you said, by the way. They will, too. Once you make some changes!)

Part therapy session. Part strategy hour. Part tech tutorial.

You can do this. We can do this!

I happen to know that it doesn’t have to be this hard to be the awesome-est version of your boss self.
I also happen to know a metric yacht-ton of ways we can get you there.
But it does require you to make the changes your future self will thank you for.

Ready to exhale?
The sigh of relief starts when you take your first step towards getting



Am I supposed to just pay you + trust that this is going to work out?

You're reading this so you believe enough in my ability to help you that it got you this far.
But you're not paying in full until after the session. You'll make a deposit to secure your spot + show you're ready to invest in me the way I'm ready to invest in you.

Are you going to set things up for me?

This is 100% strategy session. However, I do have a ton of resources, tutorials + templates that I will happily share to make it as easy as I possibly can for you. Seriously, I love spelling things out for you more than those fainting kids at the spelling bee asking about the language of origin.

What happens if I make the deposit + we both agree that this isn't a good fit?

What's the Dita Von Teese quote about peaches? Something to the effect that you can be the ripest, juiciest peach of them all but sometimes, there are people who just don't like peaches.
If we figure out early on in the 1:1 that we aren't the peachiest of collaborations, these things happen + of course I will refund your deposit. I ask for a deposit because if you're asking me to invest in you, it's a fair token of faith for you to invest in me.
But again, the only reason I do any of this is because I am bat-shit passionate about making your biz life easier + if directing you to someone better suited to help you do that is how I can help? I'm tickled pink to contribute to getting what you need to do that!