Please note that my availability for 1:1 sessions are as follows:
- Monday 2:00-3:00pm and 5:30-7:00pm EST; and
- Saturday 9:00-10:00 am EST.
My availability to work with you is not secured until the deposit is complete + your preferred time has been booked.

The total for this service is $179USD.
The initial $89.50 payment represents your non-refundable deposit for this service.
The balance will automatically be processed 2 weeks after you booked the service.

By making payment, you acknowledge that you have read + agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth to represent the contract to our service agreement.
(Note that a copy of this document will be stored in your client portal for your own records after purchase as well.)

UNCLUSTERF*CKED - 1:1 session
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $89.50 USD
Every 2 weeks (x 1) $89.50 USD
Total $179.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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