You used to drink to celebrate new clients.
Now you drink to drown the sorrows of managing their needs.

Between the war zone you call your inbox,
the late payments you spend more time chasing than doing the actual work,
not to mention the deadlines you've grown accustomed to missing...
"OVERWHELMED" is an understatement!
In fact, you're secretly starting to re-consider the merits of the 9-to-5 you fought so hard against!

(Are you sitting down? Because this next bit may hurt.)
Even your clients think the process of giving you their money feels way harder than it has to be.

Clients want to pay you from their smartphone.
They want to sign, seal + deliver everything online.
They want to see your availability + book you on the fly.
Clients want to feel like they made the right choice in hiring you + that you're on top of everything.
And P.S. they don't even care if your entire process is automated.
In fact, they prefer the immediate gratification of an automation over waiting for you to get your shit together...
which, by the way, isn't going to happen until you create a system for the way you operate so you may as well put some of it on auto-pilot!

I'm Lanie Lamarre + I help overwhelmed bosses stop crying in the shower.

I've worked with hundreds of service-based bosses like you + I decided to package my brain for download with all the PROCESSES, all the EMAILS, FORMS + QUESTIONNAIRES, all the TECH GUIDANCE you need to get your focus back on doing the work people are hiring you for, instead of being so wrapped up in all the maintenance it takes for you to collect on the money that is yours.

Regardless of your niche market, I have you covered with THE COMPLETE CLIENT ONBOARDING SYSTEM designed to direct you like air traffic control towards selling your services on auto-pilot based on how your specific industry rolls.


(Spoiler alert :: There's also a bonus module on outsourcing the entire set-up so if you simply "can't even", you'll have everything you need to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo this sanity-saving strategy into your world.)

Click on the image below that best describes what you do for more details on how your industry automates its service sales

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