YOU are an impressive person, boss!
Wanna know how I know this? Because if you’re reading this, it means you had the cajones to get into business for yourself.
It means you are so awesome at something that you could package that thing up into a service.
It means you did what most people don’t believe in themselves enough to do, and that’s to just GO FOR IT!

If you haven’t given yourself kudos for all of the above, take a time out to do that right now, please – you totally deserve that + more.
Meanwhile, even if you do + have + are all of the above, it’s not enough to turn you into a money-making freelancer. In fact, most people won’t move beyond the status of hobby blogger.

But not you! You’re going to be different. And this blog post is about the reasons why other freelancers fail but you won’t!


Your career as a freelancer is a lot like New York Fashion Week :: while everyone else sees the finished product strut its hot ass down your runway, what they didn’t see what all the prep + chaos + temper tantrums + general bullshit you had to handle in order for your career to look like, well, this….

A lot happens behind the scenes that the rest of us don’t see. It’s what makes the show work!

Your business is no different because you have to put a lot thought into what direction you will be taking your business, the things you have to do to make that happen + how you expect for all of that to show up to your audience looking like.

For instance, are you gearing up to launch your next thing or are you building + nurturing your audience? Will you be rebranding yourself + creating a more linear online presence or will you be networking your existing brand with other bosses in your circle? These each require a different direction, a different set of action items + each of these will show up in a different way to the people sitting in your first row.



I feel like every freelancer success story should start with a retro video montage à la Wonder Years with the smooth serenade of Joe Cocker because the truth is this :: we get by with a little help from our (biz) friends.
Ask any money-making service provider + they’ll back me on this. In fact, let’s turn this into a challenge.

Not only will you learn a valuable lesson in how easy it is to introduce yourself to someone new but you’ll also see how freaking right I am about this. Brace yourself for inspiring stories about how relationships were built into AMAZING COLLABORATIONS, JOINT VENTURES that made everyone oh-so-much more money than they ever made on their own, BOSS BESTIE MASTERMINDS + VACAYS where brilliance + inspiration for all the things took place.

Now… this isn’t to say you need to hunt someone down + make them your BFF.
But start building a network of relationships with like-minded people + keep that door open to letting those mutual benefits flow through. Introduce yourself in Facebook Groups, shoot an email off to someone telling them how much you appreciated that one article or how their branding makes your heart pitter-patter, sign up for a conference + make a point of talking to at least 5 new people.

#PROTIP :: Everyone feels weird + uncomfortable when they do this. Even people who do it often. It’s called “trying new things”. Live it + love it, boss! Your success depends on it.

{Need a place to get started? I help moderate a couple uber-friendly Facebook Groups + VAs can introduce themselves here while BLOGGERS can find kindred spirits to say hello to here}


You are one person. (Yup, even if you’re a Gemini! #sorrynotsorry)
Unfortunately, it is part of the human condition that as one person, you are limited to only being able to do the things that one person can do. (I know – ultimate buzzkill + total bummer!)

Since cloning is still illegal in most states + provinces, freelancers like us have had to hack, trick + MacGuyver our way into being productive members of service-selling society. As such, there are a boatload of tools + systems that exist to help you sell more of your services while doing less work.

For instance, if you’re still in a vortex of back-and-forth emails to onboard new clients, you could just hush that fuss + free your time by creating a Welcome Package. {Here’s a post on how you can do this.}
Do you find that you miss deadlines or that your mind just feels cluttered with all of the To Dos you have for your clients? Set that on auto-pilot by establishing a workflow for your client experience, once + for all. {Map out your own workflow here + read more about how you can use tools like 17Hats to manager yours.}
Still not sure what areas of your business can be automated + which tools will get you started? I have a whole list of free resources you can use for every area of your service business that you can get started with today, regardless of your knowledge or budget. {You can grab that list of free resource here.}
And if you just want someone to swoop in + baby-bird a better method of operating for you, check out how you can get unclusterf*cked here.

I know you’re working hella-hard to make this thing work for you… and frankly, that’s the secret to it :: making your business work as hard for you as you do for it is what will keep you from failing.
Know where you’re going + what you’re after, find some like-minded peers you can have virtual dates with to brainstorm stuff nobody else want to talk to you about (because Google Analytics, amirite?), and put the right systems in place to remove the tedious work from your day-to-day in order to get more stuff done (see :: make more money!).

Author: Lanie

Lanie Lamarre is the headmistress at Miss #GSD, where feisty biz ladies like you come to flip their To Do lists into DONE! Overwhelmed much? Drop her a line — all you have to lose is your gigantor workload!