Dear service providers – are you :: Struggling with clients who ask you to deliver more than they paid for?
Or worse, for services they’re about 3 weeks late paying you on?

How about all the back-and-forth emails you have to send to get the information you need to do the job… how are those treating you?  What about the dreaded “this isn’t what I signed up for” emails – ever get one of those? More than one of those?

Yeeeeahhh… about all that noise. Let’s just get you a WELCOME PACKAGE to hush that fuss already, m’kay?


Also called STARTER GUIDES or INTRO PACKETS, the name is less important that their use.  They serve to ::

  • outline your process + timeline;
  • establish client expectations + boundaries;
  • let clients know what you need from them to move forward.

There are two ways of approaching when you deliver these.

OPTION 1 :: You can provide a Welcome Package BEFORE THE SALE designed to validate if this is a “right fit”. This typically includes a questionnaire + your client goes into purchasing your service knowing all the policies, guidelines + expectations upfront. I love this approach! All the information you need to get started is available like SNAP + you can get to work. (After the contract is signed + the payment is received, of course!)

OPTION 2 :: Another option is to let people sign up + pay for your offer from a sales page first. AFTER THE SALE is made, the client would then be provided with their Welcome Packet once you have their financial commitment but before you start doing the actual work. The benefit to doing it this way is that it makes it easier for you to secure the sale + then allows you to build up some hype after they’ve given you their credit card number because who doesn’t like getting packages?!

If you offer different services, you’ll want to create a different Welcome Package for each as the information your client needs to know will likely differ with each project.


You will usually want to include the following in your Welcome Packet ::

  • a friendly WELCOME GREETING that builds rapport + excitement about the project while also detailing THE SCOPE OF THE PROJECT along with what is (+ isn’t!) included;

For instance, if your project includes one revision, be sure to stipulate this alongside the information that additional revisions can be added on. The price of the add-on or a link to purchasing this add on should accompany this.

  • any relevant BUSINESS DETAILS such as contact information, hours of availability, expected response time, links to social media or client groups you have on the go;
  • a QUESTIONNAIRE, including all the questions + information you will need to do the work;
    For instance, a virtual assistant may stipulate which accounts they need login information to.
  • a BRIEF TUTORIAL for any tech stuff your client needs to know;
    For instance, do you manage Facebook Ads campaign?  Remove the guesswork with a tutorial demonstrating how to share admin privileges.
    Do you use Asana in your project work? A quick video that shows your client what they are expected to contribute + how they can do that will save time in the long run.
  • your SERVICE CONTRACT that includes your policies for non-disclosure, payments, liabilities + more fun legal stuff – you can either sign this first or wait until your client has signed to return your signed copy;
    #PROTIP :: You may want to consider sending the contract separately to emphasize its importance.
  • some clear instructions of WHAT YOUR CLIENT’S NEXT STEPS ARE, what they can expect to happen next +/or the details of your workflow, in order to avoid any confusion but also to build up some hype about what is to come.

By including this information in a Welcome Packet, your client has ALL THE INFORMATION they need. Meanwhile, you come off as A TOTAL PRO who knows exactly what they’re doing. This is also a great opportunity to ESTABLISH CLIENT BOUNDARIES. Why is this important? Because it eliminates “this one little extra thing” that clients will sometimes try to get away.

Another thing you may want to include in your Welcome Package is a little BONUS or FREEBIE. Everyone loves getting more than they thought they were paying for.  Whether that’s a guide you typically charge for or maybe 1 month of free software service, it’s a nice touch to start your relationship over-delivering (on your terms, of course!)

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When you’re selling + delivering services online, it makes sense to do the same with your Welcome Package + sending it online.
Of course, if your project happen IRL (in real life) + you want to provide something physical, do it! By all means, you can create a total package complete with gorgeous stationery + confetti. Even if your work is online, keep in mind that a Thank You Note always goes a long way.

To send an electronic copy of your Welcome Package, start by creating it in a Word or Google Doc. Then, select Save As/Download As a PDF file.
If you need your PDF to be fillable, you can use the free version of PDFescape to help you create forms your clients won’t have to print out + scan, or create a new document to get the information that you need back to you. (Plus, these special touches are what makes you look super-profesh!)

How you set up the delivery of your Welcome Package will depend on
1) when you want them to receive it +
2) what software or platforms you use.
You have 3 choices as to how you’ll deliver your Welcome Packages. The one you choose will depend on how you’re operating + what systems you’re using. You may ::

  • Collect information on leads who are interested in hearing more, which could easily be set up through a service like 17Hats to auto-magically forward your Welcome Package while you also have the advantage of having their email address to follow-up with;
  • Modify the Thank You email generated by your payment processor to also include your Welcome Package;
  • Create a web page with all the Welcome Package information embedded on your site.

The contents + delivery of your Welcome Package will vary based on the services you’re offering. However, the value + credibility this immediately reflects of you + your business is a big deal that makes this worthwhile.

Need a little more help at streamlining your services like whaaaaa?… I’ve got packages for that!