Project management is the single most valuable resource for a boss trying to keep their sanity intact.

Launching a new offer. Managing your workload. Organizing your social media. Delegating tasks to other team members. Creating a new product or service. All of these  – and a gazillion other things – you do can swirl your brain like a soft serve machine.

There are a lot of factors that may be important to you when you’re mapping out the right choices for managing your projects, team + clients. Since this is my jam, I figured I’d be a doll + save you the time-sucking research + share with you a mega-list of solutions you can use based on your needs + the features these offer.
Works for you? …I thought it might! 😉

Let’s peak at what stands out to make some of these super-special.


Asana is so freaking generous with its free features, like the Oprah of project management software. Their interface makes tracking tasks a beautiful experience. Plus, you have to give it up for a platform that integrates unicorns into marking your milestones. #truestory
Their free version includes “all the awesomeness of Asana” + is so robust that I’ve only met one person who has paid the low $8.33/user monthly price tag.(And even that was just out of a self-professed curiosity of “what else” there could be to add to their awesomeness!)

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“I’ll Basecamp you” becomes an intelligible statement once you integrate this project manager into your team. Its format is part messenger, part document storage, part to do list to make working on collaborative launches + initiatives a dream.
A free trial will introduce you to their software that’ll then run you $29/month.


When you run big corporate style projects that requires a lot of web conferencing, look no further than iMeet Central. Formerly known as Central Desktop, their 50GB of storage + workflow tracking is well-worth the $25/month per user pricetag.



*As a sidenote, anytime I hear someone say Evernote, I start singing “Everlong” in my head. In fact, I’m doing it right now. “…heeeello/I’ve WAY-ted here for you/Eh-ver-long!”

Collect + curate content. Brain dump all the genius things that come to mind. Tag your on-the-go screenshots for easy reference later. Brainstorm + build on those ideas. All within the wonder that is Evernote (eh-ver-long!). It’s basically the digital equivalent of note-taking + scrap-booking with the added bonus that you can share + collaborate to grow these ideas.
Their free version introduces you to its wonderful world. As you start uploading more content, storing emails + annotating content, you’ll likely want to tap into its premium services which are a steal at $58 per YEAR.


If you’re kinda obsessive about tidiness + having everything in its right place, check out Flow. Its attractive, user-friendly platform integrates your team communication really well.
Clean, simple, easy to manage, 2-3 users will set you back $19/month while a team of 4+ will run around $59/month. 


Contact management. Project Management. Lead Management. Sales Management. AWL da managements in one place! If you have leads to track + projects to develop – and especially if these two are entwined! – you’ll want to consider this all-inclusive solution to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) + Project Management.
You can get started for free with all of the features it has to offer. Meanwhile, as your team + your records grow, you’ll pay according to your growing needs which will start at $12/month to manage 500 emails per day + store 25K records.


Managing multiple teams is hella dreamy with Teamwork PM’s powerful features. With lots of integrations, including their Teamwork Desk platform that acts as a compatible CRM, you can do a lot with its features.
With its a la carte approach to taking on + customizing the elements necessary for your project management needs, Teamwork PM starts at $12/user monthly.



Basically a digital post-it board, Trello is a marvel when it comes to basic project planning. Its free option will suit a lot of people’s needs. Meanwhile, for group projects, it’s nice that only one team member has to have the $8/month Gold package for everyone else who is invited to that board to benefit from its features as well.

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When a lot of reporting from various team members goes into your collaborations, Wrike should definitely be a candidate for the job. It allows for a lot of moving parts to be tracked at once + anyone who digs seeing their numbers in charts will want to take advantage of what Wrike can do for your graphs + charts.
Its free account will let you do a lot – including access many of its key integrations + some document storage – but bringing it to the next level will run your $10/user monthly.

Sometimes you need a little help figuring out what will work best for your specific needs. If you’re frustrated about putting the right systems in place that will bring order to the chaos that is running your service-based business, this is my jam, boss!