It is the sound that echoes across boss lady Facebook Groups every day :: “What’s the best tool for me to use when it comes to booking or scheduling appointments with clients?”

And this is the answer…

Girl, I don’t flipping know!
And P.S. :: Neither does anyone on Facebook!

Why? Because they’re not YOU!
They’re not in your biz.
They aren’t in your head.
And they sure as sugar can’t tell you what you need at a glance.

There are so many features to consider when choosing the right platform for you + your biz!

And I was happy to do the research + report my findings so that you don’t have to!


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Disclaimer before we get started :: I’m a firm believer that there’s no one-size-fits-all silver bullet, which is why this isn’t listed in order of importance but rather, we’re doing this in alphabetical order.



Acuity Scheduling is the Miss Congeniality of scheduling apps :: its integrations play insanely nice with others, it’s accessible to the masses with its easy-to-use interface + is very adaptable to your needs. Service-based peeps definitely want to check this one out, as well as its “tips accepted” feature.

For $10/month, you can access just about all its bells + whistle with a 14-day trial.



If your social media presence plays heavily into booking your clients, you need to spend some time looking at Appointy. One of its most ah-may-zing selling points is that you don’t even need a website to start booking out clients like mad :: it allows for people to book you THROUGH your social media platforms as well as use those channels to promote last minute availability.

Appointy’s free plan will allow you unlimited bookings for 5 services but if you want to integrate email marketing, you’ll have to upgrade + dish out an uber-reasonable $19/month.



Techno-phobes + simplicity lovers, this is your jam! Calendly makes it a total no-brainer for any client to book with you + does it using a hella beautiful + modern interface.

Their free package may very well be enough for those who offer a single service but their $8 price-point for all their features is tough to beat.



Coaches love Satori App + it’s easy to see why! With integrated invoicing + proposals, surveys + doc storage, this tool has you covered from the moment you’re marketing your services to collecting your testimonials.

With a free 30-day trial + a starting package of $29/month that will accommodate 20 active agreements + 60 monthly sessions, consultants will find that it’s worth giving a whirl.


Similar to a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) services, ScheduleOnce helps coordinate your lead generations + onboarding. When you have a lot of users coordinating various types of meetings + you have a lot of group scheduling going on, ScheduleOnce can be a dream solution for your needs.

Starts at $5/month for each user but the ability to offer multiple services + session packages will run you closer to $19 per user each month.



Why it rocks socks :: Kick-ass for big organizations with sales associates

Best suited for big organizations with associates, one of its key features is Smart Routing, a service that helps appointments get routed + configured to the appropriate parties of a sales team.
TimeTrade offers a basic package but to use its features such as mobile booking, you’ll have to dish $49/month.



If your client affairs tend to involve a lot of document exchanges, take a look at vCita. Its best asset is that it acts a lot like a cloud storage-client booking hybrid but it also has some pretty neat coaching features like “click to call”.
You can get started for free but accepting online payment will run you a little over $12/month + tapping into the potential of document sharing will be close to $40/month.
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