I’ve read enough rock bios to know that when the drugs don’t work anymore… you’re in the downward spiral, baby cakes.
Sure, it starts off being all star-studded EXCITEMENT + a whirlwind of GOOD TIMES, high ENERGY+ yes, definitely PASSION!
Until it isn’t anymore.
Then you’re just a slave to the groove, man.

Basically, this is my roundabout way of comparing you to a rock star.
Because when you started this journey, it really did feel like that!
Until one day, it just wasn’t as much fun anymore.

Next thing you know, you can’t get halfway through a day without feeling like there aren’t enough naps or bullet-proof coffees in this world to fix how flipping taaaai-urrrrd you feel.

The drugs don’t work. It’s the downward spiral. You’re a slave to the groove. Welcome to solopreneurship, boss!

I’ve spoken to enough bosses like you to know that the reason this happens – and you can take solace for a second because we go through this! – but the reason this happens is because you’re disconnect from WHY you got into this in the first place.
Suddenly, “FREE TIME” translates into more time to catch up on WORK, and a DAY OFF is an opportunity to get MORE WORK done. Instead of filling our schedule with whatever you got into this to pursue in the first place, you start filling that space with more work.
And then you don’t think or daydream about that thing as often as you used to.
And the feelings of being stuck + burnt out grow at the exact same pace as the disconnect from your WHY does.

Wanna get “unstuck”? Reconnect to your purpose for putting up with all of this ish + make sure what you are filling your time with aligns to that thing you got into this to achieve in the first place.


If I wanted to spend an extra week with loved ones… If I wanted to click on the “flexible dates” check box… Or even if I wanted to spend a summer hopping from one music festival destination to the next… I wanted to know that it was up to me whether I could do that or not. I’m getting hella-intentional this summer about aligning my actions to that “why”.

But I did what we all do + I lost sight of what mattered to me for a (long) while + burnt myself out in the process.

Which is why I’m taking off for the festival grounds this week, just as I’m getting back from doing the same in the desert a couple weeks back. (You can spy on me here.) Gonna listen to some music. Gonna see some loved ones. Gonna take a time out to actually enjoy what I work so effing hard for. Gonna embody my WHY.

Please do the same. Tell me about it. Send pictures. Ogle mine too if you wanna.
The point is that you ARE a rock star. Your soundtrack HAS to be more than just the sound of the microwave beeping your twice-reheated coffee. If you don’t even know where to start, the link to the quiz below is a good place.

But your work IS meaningful. You just have to remind yourself why!