None of your brilliant ideas matter… unless you have a way of organizing + acting on them!
The problem is with so many Project Management Services to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?
This post not only makes it easier for you to choose one but gets you started, even with zero budget!

“Wait… why do I need to use Project Management Software in the first place?”

If you want to keep your plans on point, your launches sane, your team collaborating + your ideas organized? You’re going to need a system in place to do that.

These tools will help you manage your projects, ideas, lists, calendars + collaborations – all in one magical place!

If you’re reading this, I can guarantee you’re an idea factory. Even if you aren’t creative, having an entrepreneurial spirit means your mind fires off more genius than the average Joe. And yet, how can one possibly keep track of everything that is going on?

This is where having a project management tool comes in. It acts as a stand-in for all the things you’re trying to remember, it frees your brain of clutter to make more room for your brilliant epiphanies + it allows you to never miss a beat in your day-to-day operations.

“But why are there so flipping many platforms to choose from?”

Basically because there are so many entrepreneurial styles to cater to!
Meanwhile, there are such solid free options available for you to get started that there’s no excuse for you not to use one! In fact, most of the bosses I know – yes, even the 6+ figure ones! – are using one of the below platforms to keep them organized!
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If you are a Post-It junkie (like me!), Trello is your jam.
The digital post-it board that is Trello can keep organized all of those little notes, ideas + reminders you stick about + move around.
Instead of sticky notes, Trello will have you using  “cards. Shuffle these around on a board to do things like track clients, turn your To Do list into your Done list, you can even replicate Instagram scheduling using a Trello board, like I show you in this video. 
If you’re the kind of person who collects a lot of stationary + journals for note-taking, take a good look at Trello.


If you do a lot of collaborative work + you’re a creative type who loves lists, you’ll want to explore the beauty that is Asana.
Besides the (oh so!) attractive layout, the functionalities on Asana’s free services are so robust – how robust are they? – they’re SO robust that I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone who actually pays for it. (If you do, send me an email at + tell me about your experience, please!).
Tasks can be easily delegated + if you’re the kind of person who gets a lot of satisfaction out of checking off action items, Asana is a no-brainer for you. In fact, as if the reward of seeing one less To Do item weren’t enough, Asana will next-level your endorphin rush with a flying freaking unicorn. (I’m not even kidding!)


When the tablet’s connected to the… smartphone! The smartphone’s connected to the… laptop! And the laptop’s connected to the… Gmail!… you’ll want to give Evernote a chance. Especially if you’re working in a field where you collect information from different sources that will eventually contribute to one project.
Evernote rocks socks at saving that screenshot you took, the website you want to remember to reference + the draft you’re working on. You can implement a tagging system that makes data easy to reference + build on, regardless of which of your devices you are working from.
Its design gives you mega-searching superpowers + mad integrations, Evernote is a dream solution for the boss who curates information from many sources.

“So now what?”

  1. Register for the account that sounds most suitable to you, genius!
  2. And don’t stop there :: use it immediately. If you are sent or shown a tutorial, avoid skipping it. You may miss out on valuable features you could otherwise be making use of if you had known about them.
  3. Finally, download the app to your smartphone. Maybe even check out of there are any interesting widgets for you to use while you + your brililant ideas are on-the-go.

And if you’re looking for more {FREE} tools you can use to get shit done on a budget? I’ve got you!

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