If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over + over again expecting a different result, then what level of crazy are you going for by answering the same questions over + over again?

(I don’t have any evidence or anything but that whole shaved-head-Britney thing? Yup, pretty sure it was repetition that drove her to do it.)When you’re answering the same questions over + over again, it’s obviously a super-important subject to your niche audience. And guess what? That makes YOU the subject matter expert – huzzah! As such, you need to be answering those same questions with the same enthusiasm every time. You almost have to act as if this isn’t the gazillion-th time you’ve reworded the same answer.

Unless, of course, you just crafted THE perfect response to use over + over again. Even better? Instead of copying + pasting it, you could just click a button to auto-populate your replies with. Hmmm, wouldn’t that be nice?
Yeah, it sure is nice! In fact, they’re so nice they have their own name. Welcome to the wonderful world of using CANNED RESPONSES!

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We’re going to take a set-it-and-forget-it approach to those burning – and frequent! – inquiries filling your inbox.


*Don’t use Gmail? No problem. Scroll down to the Outlook section of this post.

  • Go to your settings icon. Go to¬†it like a lover in the night. (That’s the little gear icon in the upper right corner of your email.)
  • Click on the LABS tab.¬† Scroll down + you’ll see CANNED RESPONSES, all alphabetically organized + everything.
    Select the ENABLE bubble + scroll all the way down to SAVE CHANGES.

Aight, now it is up to you to write the best damned version of that response EVAH!
Make it shine bright as a diamond. Dazzle your audience with your wit + knowledge. Make it count like it’s the last time… because this IS the last time you will ever have to do this + you may as well make it great!
Once your Script of Awesomeness is completed, you will SAVE it as follows ::

1 :: Click on the little arrow for More Options.

2 :: Climb up to + click CANNED RESPONSES.

3 :: Select NEW CANNED RESPONSE + a pop-up window will appear.

4 :: Name your new canned responses + click OK. Ta-da!

Need more hand-holding to walk you through this? Here’s a video to show you how.

So the next time someone comes at you with a question that your fresh + clean response addresses, all you have to do is go back to Step 1 + 2 but instead of creating a new canned response, you’ll simply select the existing one to auto-populate your field.

Canned responses are for email but hello! you also re-type greetings, sayings, taglines, etc. Рanything that has you re-typing the same thing can be stored + re-used here.

M’kay, now what if you don’t use Gmail? I’ve got you!


For Outlook, we’re going to use the saved signature feature to save your canned responses.

1) Under the MESSAGE tab, go to SIGNATURE + click the drop-down menu to select SIGNATURES.

2) A new box will open. Click NEW + give your canned email a name. Select OK.

3) Write your email in the EDIT SIGNATURE section + select OK.

4) When you want to use this canned email, go back to the SIGNATURE area under the MESSAGE tab + select the name of the email you want to use. Ta-da! The end.

So now you¬†don’t have to lose your damned mind + wake up in Los Angeles one morning with a shaved head. For the win, my biz buddies, for the win!