I will let you in on a little secret :: sometimes we lie to ourselves – and we believe the lies like they’re an ex begging “baby please!” – because believing the lie allows us to stick within our comfort zone, it feels safer. Even if it means we are screwing ourselves over in the process.

I have been helping bosses get shit done for years so I’ve heard all of the lies + all of the excuses that people tell themselves that keep them safe (see :: small!).
If you’re reading this, it means that even if you’re afraid, you don’t want to stay small + you’re willing to embrace any creepy-crawly uncomfortable excuse with some tough love truth. Let’s take a moment to pop bottles for that! 🍾🍾🍾
(P.S. Have I ever told you how much I love that you’re, like, always down to celebrate with me? LOVE <3 it!)

The technical word for a boss with your chutzpah? “Amaze balls” ← that’s all you!
Let’s blast through those upper-limits + face the 5 myths you’ve been believing that is keeping your business from growing into the empire you deserve to rule.


You have resources. Money just so happens to be the sexiest one.
Meanwhile, you have a few others resources that are arguably more valuable, including your time, your focus + your energy.

POP QUIZ :: What is your time worth? Literally, how much do you/would you pay yourself per hour?

Answer this furreal because it’s important. I’ll wait.
Got it? M’kay, good.
Now I’ll bet the next round of drinks that you wrote something higher than $5/hour.
Because even if you only spend an hour per week managing your clients – one hour per week! – you would cover the cost of automating a boat-load of the tasks that are taking up a whole lot of your time, energy + focus.

And I double-dog-dare you to tell me that you don’t spend at least one hour per week doing stuff like scheduling clients into your calendars + dealing with contracts + following up on late payments + checking up on the status of projects to figure out what is due when + personally emailing leads about what you can do for them.
This is one of those expenses that actually – literally! – pays off because you’re essentially trading money to gain more time, energy + focus.

EVEN IF you are severely under-selling yourself at $5/hour ( ← P.S. if this is you, raise your damned prices, boss), it would – literally! – still be worth the expense of a $20-25/month client management tool because that’s at least an extra hour a week you can dedicate to scoring more clients, invest in doing more project work, spend making more money.

TL;DR :: It ISN’T too expensive. In fact, the longer you put off automating, the sooner you burn yourself out doing work that could be put on auto-pilot + the longer it takes your business to become successful.


Cool story, bro.
It’s a cute idea + all… but your clients would probably appreciate it if you thought of their projects as more than just something you’ll pull together at the last minute.
Telling yourself that you do your best work under pressure is basically an excuse people tell themselves that makes it OK to put off getting their shit together.

The truth is that when you’re working under pressure, you forget things, you allow yourself to be satisfied with “good for now” instead “my best work” – and here’s the real clincher! – you are setting yourself up to run out of steam because the pace of that kind of constant pressure will eventually tap you out completely.

TL;DR :: You THRIVE when you’re doing your best work, when every day feels like “I’ve GOT this!”, when you’re in control of your workload (instead of letting your workload control you!)


They sure as hell do! Why wouldn’t they, you’re freaking AWESOME!
There’s something about you – the way you explain things, the expressions you use – that your peeps freaking love about it. It’s, like, YOUR brand, YOUR identity, they recognize your style from a mile away.

☝️ Did you catch all of that? Because I did!
What this says is that even though your style is unique, the way you share your knowledge + communicate with your leads will be pretty much the same thing every time. Just because you’re answering a new lead doesn’t mean you’re answering them any differently than you did the last lead so why not save that genius way you have of saying what you say + setting up everyone to get the top shelf response… automatically!

In fact, why not save each + every step that goes into the voodoo that you do + re-use the whole sequence of onboarding your clients so that you aren’t re-inventing the wheel every time someone wants to hire you. Again, it’s about setting every client up to get the best version of you, every single  time… on auto-pilot!

TL;DR :: Regardless of how many people read what you wrote, YOU are still the one who wrote it + if you take the time to write your best version of it, each + every client will get  the best of you.

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I get it. You’re a creative. Things need to flow. You can’t be harnessed by things like rules + boundaries. It’s all very “bitch don’t kill my vibe”. I hear you!
If anything, being able to maximize your creative flow IS the reason you should bring systems + automations into your business.
Because the admin + the paperwork + the calendars + the inbox bullshit – none of that stuff is doing any good to doing the work you got into this freelancing gig to do in the first place, amirite?

TL;DR :: Being disorganized + frazzled + fuuuuuuuuuckingheeeeellllll is what is killing your creativity, not the other way around.


I am not going to deny that it can be a massive, buzz-killing pain in the ass to first put the right systems in place… but once they’re in, they’re working for you like they owe you money! (Which they kinda do, being your systems + all!) 😉
The issue of where to get started, knowing what the best strategy is, figuring out how to get all the moving pieces to move the way you want them to – this may be a giant hassle for you but it’s totally my jam + I’m a seasoned veteran at helping service-based bosses like you automate your entire client experience – YOUR way!

That’s why I have packaged some solutions that make it hella easy for you to do this!