You can use Airtable to collect testimonials using its form view. I’ll show you how I set it up so that my course AIRTABLE LIKE A BOSS does all the work on my behalf.

All of my courses live in the learning management software Podia. I’ve game-ified the process as an incentive by offering a BONUS module in exchange for feedback. The bonus module gets “unlocked” but how I’ve set it up is as its own separate course. You’ll see how this works in a second.

How does the student provide feedback? I’ve embedded a link to an Airtable form with all of my testimonial questions. All of the fields are shown as required so the entire form must be completed to submit it.

To create the form, you will add each question you want to ask as a field in your grid view. Then, when you add a form view to your Base, all of your fields will automatically be added as a form. You can select your submission actions as you see fit. How I’ve done it is by using the REDIRECT button to send students to the bonus course. This automatically adds the extra content to their existing account.

That’s how I automatically deliver the bonus material and collect that feedback that I oh-so-need-and-love from my students. Easy peasy, huh?

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