Has anyone given you props for being such a boss recently?
Because this whole freelancing gig is TOUGH + it takes a whole lot of GUTS.
And yet, despite all your gumption, self-doubt always finds a way to creep in. Whhhhyyyyyy!!!
It doesn’t matter if you call it an upper limit problem, or talk about it using words like “confidence” or “clarity”, or if we’re straight-up talking about the excuses we make for ourselves because the point is this ::
Any time we are faced with something big + scary + dare I say meaningful, it’s totally natural to feel self-doubt. Self-doubt is meant to protect you. Because risk is scary. And change is risk.

And the most common way for that to show up? Bold-faced lies we tell ourselves!
What’s worse is that if we start to give into those lies + myths, if we let the self-doubt get bigger than our bravery, it’ll start to make us believe things that will cost you + your business time, money + energy.

I wrote this post to not only highlight the most common lies we as freelancers allow ourselves to believe but also to bring solutions to the table that you can implement to accept more payments, take less BS + ditch the WTF feeling that goes into your day-to-day operations.
Because you’re too awesome + you work too damned hard to let these bold-faced lies stop you from delivering your awesome sauce to the world – ya heard, boss?

LIE #1 :: “I’m too busy, I don’t have time to get organized.”

This is kinda like saying “I’m too hungry to eat” or “I’m too fit to do any physical activity”.
Hahaha, umm, what? …if you’re hungry? It’s because you need to eat. If you’re fit? It’s because you’re active.
And if you’re too busy, it’s because you’re disorganized AF!

In fact, “being busy” is like a case of the sniffles :: it’s a symptom or an indicator of something bigger + in this case, it indicates that there’s something wrong with the way you’re operating.
Think about it :: nobody stares off at someone who is busy AF + thinks, “wow! I want THAT!”
But the person who waltzes through life, getting stuff done + seems to be having a good time (not to mention, has dry armpits!) doing it all? THAT’S the person we all admire, look up to + want to work with.

TRUTHBOMB :: The only difference between the person who is busy versus the person who is productive is how organized they are!
There is no end to the cycle of being busy. It is vicious, it is all-consuming, it is never-ending.
SOLUTION :: Put your bossy pants on (mine are Wonder Woman underoos but you pick what works for you), take an honest look at your workload + remember that just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.
What you SHOULD be doing is the work that falls within the zone of genius that only you can provide. Everything else should be automated, outsourced or at the very least, batched into a more productive use of your time.
(We’ll get into how you can do that but first, let’s bust a few more myths, shall we?)

LIE #2 :: “I work better under pressure. Putting systems + rules in place are a buzzkill for my creative flow.”

Interesting! What about the buzzkill of working on a third revision for a client who hasn’t even made their first payment yet?
Or let’s talk about what your creative flow feels like when you realize you totally forgot that big deadline?… and you client is PISSED! #creativeflowfail
And – since we’re being honest here – how good do you really feel about the work that you rushed through putting out there? Is your portfolio filled with projects that you rushed to complete? Are your last-minute deliverables the stuff you’re proudest to show off?

TRUTHBOMB :: Having systems + processes in place isn’t about cramping your style or sucking the flow + creativity out of what you do. To the contrary!
By establishing a set of standard procedures, you don’t even have to think of “what’s next”. Your paperwork happens auto-magically, the follow-ups generate themselves + the “status quo” stuff gets out of your way for you to work your magic.
SOLUTION :: Set up a workflow that will take on the responsibility of managing your To Do list for you so that you can get back to focusing on doing the work that matters most to your growth + gives you back the ownership over your time.

LIE #3 :: “I can’t afford to get the help I need to take on more projects/make more money/grow my business/give my clients the experience they deserve.”

Hmph. Looks like nobody introduced you to CRMs. Allow me the honor!
CRMs – which stands for Customer Relationship Managers or maybe Client Response Management, depending on who you speak to – are platforms that allow you to take your hands off the wheel a little bit when it comes to selling services.
Remember those workflow templates from the last lie we covered (+ if you didn’t get a copy then, you can grab them here as well)… the idea is that you would populate the action items from your workflow into your CRM + set that baby on auto-pilot.

TRUTHBOMB :: You don’t have to hire someone to manage + track your workflow, and you definitely don’t need to pay to get started with automating your client management. In fact, a lot the gold-star CRMs have FREE options to get you started.
For instance, Dubsado will allow you to work on 3 projects before they start charging you their flat fee of $20/month.
By the time they start charging for the use of their service, you’re on your 4th paying client – you’re making cash! – and what’s more is that all that time you spent on tedious paperwork, following up, tracking, invoicing, reviewing proposals, searching for documents, second-guessing yourself on deadlines?
You basically spend $20 per month to get back all of the hours you would have otherwise invested in doing those tasks, which you can now fill with more client work + bigger projects to cash in on more pay-days!
The cost of bringing a CRM into your operations will definitely pay for itself + a number of them are set up to not charge you until that happens – woot! woot!
SOLUTION :: Research which CRM has the functions + the budget to best suit your needs, then sign up for that mother with a bottle of champagne in hand to celebrate your game-changing decision.

Need help choosing a CRM? Check out {STREAMLINED LIKE SNAP!}, where we cover the gnat’s ass about CFRMs + everything else that goes into running a service-based business you can (LITERALLY!) bank on

LIE # 4 :: “My customers expect me to be there for them. Generic automations won’t work for my clientele, my services do well BECAUSE they’re so personalized.”

The world needs more service providers for creating a unique client experience. Seriously, thank you for being the kind of person we should all be so lucky as to work with. Take our money!

TRUTHBOMB :: There is nothing personal about sending a contract or an invoice. The category for this kind of stuff is “business-as-usual” which you shouldn’t be spending a second more than the time it takes to click SEND on doing because it’s a standard document.
You don’t need to spend a half hour filling in the blanks of a contract template, you shouldn’t have to spend another half-hour scouring your email to see if the payment was made so you can attach a questionnaire. I mean, is it really worth the “personal touch” to spend an hour on stuff that couldn’t require LESS personal imput?
There is plenty you can personalize + even more that you can automate with personalized elements + NONE OF IT REQUIRES YOU to do it manually. Streamlining your operations isn’t about taking away that personal touch; it’s about getting you off the hamster wheel of delivering your services.
SOLUTION :: You need to create a workflow + take an honest look about what your role is when it comes to the things that have to see through. Does your client really benefit from having you personally send that link to book the appointment after you’ve checked up on their payment, or would it have been the same experience (or maybe even better?) if that process had been automated?
Again, this goes back to the idea that just because you CAN do everything doesn’t mean that you SHOULD be doing everything.

LIE #5 :: “It’s just faster to do it myself than to mess with setting this whole big thing up. It just takes so much time to put all the pieces in place!”

M’kay, look, I’ll admit that yes, there is some “pain in the ass” elements at work here. It does require an initial investment of time + energy to put all of the pieces in place. For sure.
But the key word here is “initial”. Meaning first.
Go through the trouble of setting it up ONCE + then it’ll take care of itself every other time.

Wanna keep rolling with the mindset that it’s faster for you to do it yourself? …umm, yeah, about that. HOW MANY times are you going to do the same thing over + over again before you realize it’s worth putting aside that initial investment of time + effort to set it once + forget it?
You know how amp-ed up people get talking about passive income + making money when you sleep? THIS is how you set up services that sell when you sleep!

TRUTHBOMB :: The amount of time, energy + focus – not to mention the sanity! – you will save yourself by just buckling down + getting organized, once + for all, is one of those things you look back on + think “damnit, I wish I would have done that sooner!”
SOLUTION :: The easiest way to get this done is to have everything laid out for you so that you just have to plug-and-play all the templates, customizable scripts + sequences to your heart’s content. (You can find all that + more spelled out for you like the freaking alphabet in my self-directed course {STREAMLINED LIKE SNAP!})

You went into freelancing for a reason :: you are hella-passionate!
Whether you are passionate about sharing your creative juju with the world, whether you are passionate about focusing your attention on the people who are your whole world, or whether you wanted the freedom to experience the world on your own terms – that passion is what got you started with this biz shiz.

If you want to sustain that passion, though, here’s the ultimate truthbomb you’ll have to face ::

Author: Lanie

Lanie Lamarre is the headmistress at Miss #GSD, where feisty biz ladies like you come to flip their To Do lists into DONE! Overwhelmed much? Drop her a line — all you have to lose is your gigantor workload!