Here’s what your clients wish you knew  ::
You're making it WAY too hard for them to give you their money!

It’s 2018.

Clients want to pay you from their smart phone. (But it's cute that you accept cheques - just like nonna!)
They want to sign, seal + deliver all the business online.
Oh, and they never listened to those 3 voice mails you left to schedule that appointment. That client actually booked with the next guy who used an online scheduler because it auto-populated their Google Calendar + they received their confirmation by text, which unlike voice mail, they actually check.
They liked your work better but the other guy made it easy.

Now here is something that I want you to know ::

Even if you don't know the first thing about tech,
you can EASILY position yourself as THE NO-BRAINER CHOICE FOR CLIENTS
to send their next payment to.

I'm Lanie Lamarre - haiiiii!

I help bosses like you get {AUTOMAGICALLY BOOKED}.
I run this mothership at Miss #GSD + Getting Shit Done is what I do best.

You know when you feel that tight beehive-in-the-chest feeling that comes when you're late on 3 deadlines, you're short on patience, time, energy, temper - EVERYTHING?!?
That's a symptom you should make me your business BFF because my jam is to help service-based businesses run better. I'm a pro at all things automations, systems + organization so that you can be a pro at what YOU do best (and Imma bet that isn't copying + pasting late payment reminders, amirite?)!

This is what happens when you work with me to get

👍  A 1:1 session to assess what your specific needs are + discuss the options you have available to automate your client onboarding process - YOUR way!

👍 A blueprint of everything we discussed, including a customized workflow infographic showing you how these new auto-magical powers of yours work

👍 Access to all the pre-written email scripts + form templates you'll need to create your copy in a snap, using the voice that your clients know + love from you while kicking the time-suckage of wondering what to write to the curb

👍 The complete set-up of your automation software

👍 Another 1:1 session where we will role-play your new client experience to allow you to walk through the red carpet service you’re offering from your buyer's point of view

👍 And finally, we will go through all the tech you need to know about how it all works til you’re screaming “look ma! No hands!”

Why bother going through the trouble of systematizing services you do yourself?

Just because you CAN do everything in your biz
doesn’t mean it’s the most effective use
of your time + energy.

And the truth is that it does take a little upfront time + energy to set yourself up to save oodles of time + energy for yourself in the long-term.

More truthbombs?

You're already wasting way too much time returning phone calls
or going back-and-forth with scheduling when your clients can - and want to be able to! - book everything themselves.
All you have to do is GET STRATEGIC about having a website + inbox
that work as your 24/7 receptionist that literally signs on clients for you while you sleep.

All the repetitive tasks you obsess over can all be lined up like a set of dominoes
so that once a project gets started, THE PIECES ALL FALL INTO PLACE FOR YOU.

The effort you waste on copying and pasting sugar-coated emails following up (again!) on LATE PAYMENTS IS A THING OF THE PAST.

Everything goes into TRACKING + SELLING YOUR SERVICES IS AUTOMATED so you can free your time, mind + inbox of all the BS that gets in the way of being the best boss you can be.

No more forgetting to send that thing out,
no more overlooking that important deliverable,
no more opportunities to have things "slip between the cracks".

Just clients who are WOW-ED AT HOW ON-POINT YOU ARE.
And MORE REFERRALS from people who heard you were awesome to work with.
And more time + energy to put into DOING THE WORK THAT ACTUALLY GETS YOU PAID.


having a system in place
(which comes way easier when you don't have all that other B.S. to distract you from doing YOU, boss!)



So about that bigger project? Hell yeah, you can fit it in!
And you'll take the accompanying bigger pay-day with that, too.

If your website isn't working (hella-hard!) for you?
If social media isn't taking payments for you?
If your inbox does nothing more than create more work for you?
You're missing out on the opportunity to make technology your biz-bitch!

All the headaches that comes with on-boarding clients + selling services + the nightmares of tracking the payments + the calendars + the phone calls + the paperwork - well, let's just say your medicine cabinet is going to miss you!

This is the A-to-Z of on-boarding your clients like the goddamned pro you are,
because we're gonna tell the time-suckage to suck it by automating all the stuff you don’t have to be doing anymore.

Because that feeling of holy-effing-overwhelm? It's not making you any more money!

Now you can get back to doing what you're really flipping good at + what people actually hire you for ::
delivering the genius that is all YOU, without all the other B.S. that gets in the way!


You work hard - too hard, even! - when you really don't have to.

In fact, your clients WANT the immediate gratification that EVEN YOU CAN'T DELIVER as well as you can when you're using automations to do the work for you (#sorrynotsorry)

This is the kind of business decision that falls into the category of
"I should have done this sooner".

But sooner can happen today.

This is your call to get {AUTO-MAGICALLY BOOKED}!


Payment plans are available.




What if I decided that I want to handle the tech after all, but I just needed you to help me with the strategy?
Can I downgrade my package?

Of course!
UNCLUSTERF*CKED is my 1:1 strategy session service, AUTOMAGICALLY BOOKED is the "Jesus take the wheel" service where we don't just talk about it but I make that happen for you.
So if we discussed your automation needs + figured out what would work best for you but you then decided you wanted to do this on your own, I would only charge you for the 1:1 consultation (and not the set-up fee). 

What happens if I make the deposit + we both agree that this isn't a good fit?

What's the Dita Von Teese quote about peaches? Something to the effect that you can be the ripest, juiciest peach of them all but sometimes, there are people who just don't like peaches.
If we figure out early on in the 1:1 that we aren't the peachiest of collaborations, these things happen + of course I will refund your deposit. I ask for a deposit because if you're asking me to invest in you, it's a fair token of faith for you to invest in me.
But again, the only reason I do any of this is because I am bat-shit passionate about making your biz life easier + if directing you to someone better suited to help you do that is how I can help? I'm tickled pink to contribute to getting what you need to do that!