About Miss #GSD


I'm Lanie (pronounced Lay-nee) Lamarre.

I am the girl who Gets! Shit! Done! - or what the cool kids like us call #GSD.

In order of importance, here is what I'm into ::
1) The little love story I have with my fella + our little Boston Terror, Marie Laveau
2) Dive bars + a good jukebox (and yes, I am silently judging you on your selections)
3) Simplifying TF out of the things that feel hella-complicated for freelancers like you + helping you with the things you know SHOULD get done in your service-based biz... but you just never get around to actually doing.

My mission is to make it easier for you to do WORK THAT MATTERS.
In fact, I have a {FREE} template you can use to make sure that everything you create is designed to either GROW YOUR LIST + CREDIBILITY or GET YOU PAID!

You know when you get that holy-effing-overwhelmed feeling - right there in your chest, humming like bees are trapped right behind your chest plate? That feeling SUCKS!
But it is also a symptom that the way you've always done things isn't going to work for you anymore. Nope - it's high time that you make some changes to the way you operate. That feeling is like your Bat-signal, telling you that you've outgrown the way you're currently doing things + it's now time for you to move towards something bigger that will fit you better.

And that's also where I come in!

My jam is to help service-based business owners roll out SMOOTHER projects, score HAPPIER clients + enjoy BIGGER pay-days.

I help bosses AUTOMATE the work they can be doing but shouldn't be doing because it's stunting their growth + keeping them overwhelmed AF.

I have a black belt in PLANNING STRESS-FREE PROJECTS + LAUNCHES because I know that while this is important, your energy is actually better spent doing other important work (i.e. the services that get you paid!).

And you know how when someone asks about important business numbers like your ROI or what the value the subscribers on your list are... and you're suddenly sent back to school with the jittery vibes of having the 4th grade teacher calling on you to come to the front of the class? No worries, boss.

We're all grown up here + I can help you FEEL IN CONTROL + IN THE KNOW of all the metrics that matter to your growth + bottom line.

Because in case you missed that first part? I get shit done, yo!

Want me to help you #GSD?

Here are the ways you can work with me!

D'yew just have something you wanna chat at me about?
I'm not a personal therapist or anything but I'm pretty good at fixing the business ish that's making you cry (here's a tissue) - and here's my email :: lanie@missgsd.com

#PROTIP :: Bosses who use the subject "I brought champagne!" get answered more quickly. I can't even help myself!