Hiya! I'm Lanie Lamarre.

I am the girl who Gets! Shit! Done! - or what the cool kids like us call #GSD - and that makes me  the headmistress around these parts.

😍  I love my fella + my little Boston Terror the most-est.
However, I also have endless love for pleather legging + dive bars 🥃
Oh, and I silently judge you on your jukebox selections 🎵 but once you get to know me,  you'll judge me on my questionable taste in furniture 🛋️ so it's all good.

What you'll love me for hardest, though, is my passion for helping freelancers like you make your biz life easier. 🤓

You know when you get that feeling of holy-effing-overwhelm?
Yeah, that's a symptom that you need some Lanie in your life!

My specialty is showing service providers like you how to streamline your day-to-day operations using technology + automations that roll out SMOOTHER projects 😎, score you HAPPIER clients 😀 + help you enjoy BIGGER pay-days 🤑.

I'm your girl when you're ready to ::

  • Actually ACHIEVE YOUR INCOME GOALS + REACH YOUR GROWTH TARGETS… because I’m here to KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE to hitting each + every one of them out of the park
    (and maybe even impress yourself just a little in the process) 😉 ;
  • UNCLUSTERF*CK the way you operate + put the processes in place to AUTOMATE + STREAMLINE the way you do business… because we both know that you have better things to do than draft another invoice or search through your inbox for that email you’re not sure if you sent or not, when all that shiz can be put ON AUTO-PILOT;
  • Stop talking about how you're going to do it, knock the word “someday” out of your vocab + just GET THE TOOLS + STRATEGY TO FINALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN for you already… because only YOU can do the voodoo that you do so whadya say we MONETIZE THAT SPECIAL SAUCE OF YOURS.

But enough about me - you came here to get shit done, amirite!
Tell me :: what would help you #GSD today?